“Affiliated with Australia’s Tape Death collective, Megatroid has been quietly building a catalogue which would make any producer nerd proud. His Don’t Play Games With Chemicals EP, composed entirely on a Nintendo DS was released in 2010 on the UK-based Kitten Rock label. His work on Tape Death’s showcase compilation We Are The World’s Most Important Something and the Jackie Onassis ‘New Dumb’ remix EP established his signature downbeat sound, which grew out of the more experimental ideas explored on his Battery Brain EP.
2011 saw Megatroid winning RJD2’s Icebird remix competition, with a downbeat tune that perfectly complemented Aaron Livingston’s soulful vocals. His Icebird remix, along with remixes of local emcees 360, Fraksha and Force & Sparts bundled together on the Remixes 1 EP, available for free download at the Tape Death Bandcamp page. The remixes are all variations on a sound that is becoming Megatroid’s signature; minimal and nuanced. Together they form an EP that takes vastly different source material and makes it into a cohesive release that perfectly displays Megatroid’s future leaning style.”