Live Wiimote to MS2000, MPC and Djembe

This is a clip of the last track I played at the Newcastle Uni Band Comp, using a Wiimote to control my Korg MS2000’s filter cutoff. People really seem to dig it.

Wiimotes talk Bluetooth, so hooking them up to your PC is easy. And to make it even easier there is this awesome scripting program called Glove Pie, which allows you to map the various wiimote parameters to nearly anything, including MIDI. Glove Pie, craziest software license I’ve ever seen. Not exactly ‘open’.

Here’s the patch if anyone is interested. There’s not much to it but it should help people who are just getting started. Get at me if you have any questions, i’m happy to post up a tutorial if anyone is interested.


All sounds from MS2000 and MPC1000. Bit of Djembe chucked in, half of it accidentally muted but got the better bit. Check my vids on youtube and other music for links.

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