Free Portable Music Studio

Well I was going to have a series of posts to help people build their own “Dirt Cheap Software Studio” but this guy beat me to it. And done a pretty nice job. And I would’ve never got around to it anyway.

Free Portable Music Studio*

Using Reaper with a nice selection of free plugins, this little download contains everything you need in a free software studio, and because Reaper runs off a thumb drive it’s portable!

There’s a few free VST plugins that I would class as must-haves that didn’t make this list, so I’ll follow up with a few blog post + links some time soon.

* Note: Reaper isn’t exactly “free”. The evaluation version is uncrippled, and unexpiring, but after 30 days you should buy a license, which as I have mentioned before is dirt cheap! You’ll no doubt want to support the development of such a great piece of software, fork out the cash and feel good about yourself.

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