MEGAmaschine Version 2 Release

I Finally got around to updating my MEGAmaschine template for Ableton Live. It’s just hit 400 downloads! So I’m glad it has been popular. I’ve updated the MEGAmaschine page with descriptions of the new buttons and features. A lot of time went into thinking out the placement of the buttons, I hope to write a more detailed usage guide when I get the spare time, as I think it might be more useful than another stuttering YouTube video.

Change Log:

  • Changed Scene select to ‘TEMPO’ knob (having Track/Scene select on knobs next to each other makes sense – thanks to Citizen for the suggestion)
  • Added clip quantisation to ‘SWING’ knob
  • LP/HP filters in the EQ8 Rack now only activate when the knob is turned (thanks to Zarkov for the suggestion)
  • Added dummy bars to maschine vst, Group H (can be used to easily keep Maschine in sync with Live, using Loop Scene, without the need to adjust the lengths of
    the patterns you are working with)
  • Added utility rack for volume automation (I find it best to use the Utility Gain to make volume automation, leaving the Volume control for trim)
  • Removed master track selection (unnecessary, just use ‘VOLUME’ knob to a select track)
  • Changed Sequencer/Arrangment view to ‘GRID’ button-Removed Scrub Left/Right ‘<‘ and ‘>’ buttons and replaced them with Undo/Redo (I found scrub was uselss, it makes sense having Undo/Redo with transport controls)
  • Changed Clip fire/stop buttons – ‘PAD MODE’ fires the next clip, ‘NAVIGATE’ stops clips on selected track
  • Added un-arm all to ‘DUPLICATE’ button (useful to un-arm tracks before recording automation)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for locators, number 1-8 (handy for navigating Live when in Maschine mode)
  • Added metronome on/off to ‘STEP’ button
  • Changed Sends page to also include Volume and Pan controls for currently selected track, now only sends A-F (to free up other knobs)
  • Added Location buttons to Sends page, as well as Macro page  (so that they are always handy)
  • Changed ‘NOTE REPEAT’ button to ‘back to arrangemnt mode’
  • Removed Device Select button (unecessary, can just use Device Left/Right buttons ‘SNAP’/’AUTO WRITE’)
  • Changed ‘BROWSE’ button to ‘expand automation lane’ (useful for recording automation into arrangement view)
  • Changed ‘SAMPLING’ to Device Detail button

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  1. GREAT Mapping! This is Awesome. I was wondering if there is any way to map other knobs in an effect

  2. Also my pads are not working for some reason.

  3. Thanks Yurei. How is use the macro knobs is I put everything I want to map to knobs in a group. That way when that group is selected the 8 group knobs in live automatically map to the 8 knobs on the Maschine controller.
    I’m not sure why your pads aren’t working? They just send midi notes so it should be pretty straight forward. Remember you gotta arm the track, sounds silly but that gets me sometimes.

  4. when i try to load the cpntroller editor it says ths was done in a more recent maschine version than i have which is 8.0.1… is there a work around for this

    • I’m on PC and it says my version is 1.4.5. Have you made sure you have downloaded the latest version from the Service Centre?

  5. Fantastic template! Quick question about routing Maschine. The Maschine VST lives on Track 15 in the template, Track 15 volume is turned all the way down and is routed to Track 4 – Drums. I also see that you have the Drum group channels all set to listen to outputs from Maschine (Out 1, Out 2, etc.) but the Maschine VST is not set to actually output individual pads to channels. I also noticed that you have a Group B and Group C channel which are also set to accept outputs from Maschine (Out 9 & 10). I know how to set up routing in Maschine for pads and groups, but my question is – am I missing something obvious? Would you recommend setting pads on Group A to individual route to Out 1, 2, 3, etc. and then send Group B & C to a single out routed to Live? Finally, can you explain how, in practice, you differentiate using the various Maschine drum channels (Sub, Kick, Snare, etc.) in Live vs. triggering Maschine scenes via channel 15?

    I’ve watched your videos several times – all really, really great stuff.


    • Yeah man, I didn’t really explain this very well and I know it is a little confusing.

      So that routing is just how I personally use Maschine, it should be taken as a bit of an example and modified to suit your needs.

      What I do is use Group A for drums, and route different pads to different channels Sub, Kick, Snare etc.

      Then I usually use Group B for a chopped sample or something, so I just want it all to one channel. But ofcourse this changes around depending on the project, it’s just good to start with a routing that is close, less setting up every time.

      Also, even though there is clips to trigger scenes, I rarely use them, instead I just use the ‘loop scenes’ feature in maschine (by selecting a scene, then clicking and dragging the grey bar to select multiple scene’. i then match up the number of bars with my Live project. Note that how I do it the scenes never actually ‘loop’ they just run from start to finish of the project, always staying in sync with the live project. You just have to make sure the length of the scenes add up the the number of bars. A bit confusing but I try and explain it in my workflow video.

  6. One more question – am I correct that the workflow you typically use is to create all the drum midi in Maschine? I’ve seen a dizzying array of tutorials of various methods of routing Maschine to Live, sending MIDI notes from Live to Maschine and vice versa. I’m trying to figure out which way I prefer to work best. My initial sense is that I’d prefer to create MIDI in Live using the Maschine controller and Maschine sounds (via the Maschine VST).


    • Yeah I usually do all my drum patterns within maschine, then just route the audio for live for mixing. This is just how I personally like to do things, it allows you to utilise maschine to it’s full potential. There are a lot of ways to go about it, but this works best for me.

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