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New Remixes

I’m part of a collective of crazy talented producers called Tape Death and we recently teamed up with Melbourne Hip-Hoppers Down For The Count Records to produce a remix album.

You can download it for free here or grab a hard copy for $10. (Sorry the bandcamp player won’t embed here).

This is my remix ‘Ordinary’, I’m really happy with this one, future hip-hop styles.

I’ve chucked the instrumental to my remix ‘Ordinary’ up on Soundcloud, for those that prefer that sort of thing.

I did a bass heavy remix for Hermitude‘s remix competition, but then fucked up and didn’t submit it in time for the comp. I was happy with how it turned out though and it got a spin on the radio.

Remixes 1 [EP]

A compilation of my remixes from 2011.

Battery Brain [EP]

My recently released EP, Battery Brain, is available to listen to on Soundcloud or download on bandcamp. It is a pay-what-you-want release (including zero), released through

Battery Brain by Megatroid

DS-10 EP: Don’t Play Games With Chemicals [KR041]

Don't Play Games With Chemicals

Download @ Kittenrock

My EP ‘Don’t Play Games With Chemicals’ is this months release on It’s composed entirely on the Korg DS-10, mostly while travelling on buses around Cambodia and Laos. I found it really refreshing to work within the limitations of the DS-10 software: 2 mono synths, 4 drum synths, and only 16 patterns of 1 bar each. It means you really get experimental doing things you otherwise wouldn’t; in terms of sound design with a basic synth, and structure when you are so limited in space. The results are some minimal sounding down-tempo tracks, raw out of the Nintendo DS with no post processing.