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foobar2000: An iTunes Alternative for Windows

For the first time since Winamp 2.wateva I’ve found a music player that I’m completely satisfied with. I’m not a fan of iTunes, it’s bloated and I don’t really like the way it manages your library.

Foobar2000 has been around for a while. It’s known for being light on system resources, and infinitely customisable through it’s use of plugin components and it’s flexible theme system.

After messing it for a while I’ve finally come up with a layout I’m happy with, with all the features I need, with only minimal external components to keep it as lightweight as possible.

Download foobar2000 here.

I had a hard time finding a theme I liked that didn’t require 20 other compents, or that was up to date with the current version of foobar2000. So I spent a bit of time and came out with the above layout using no external components, except one to get the track and artwork to display properly in the Windows 7 task bar.

If you like the bare bones layout you can download it here: MEGAlite-foobar2000. (To install: Preferences>Display>Default User Interface>Import theme)

Add your folders to the library with Library>Configure>Add… Then you can filter by album, artist, folder etc. instantly. Then just right click and select Create Autoplaylist, which will create a new tab for the album.

Open any other audio file from your hard drive and it will open in the Default playlist (there might be a setting you need to tick for this), leaving your other open play lists in tact. I like to think of my open play lists like a stack of records, and set the play mode to Default so you have to get up and change the album when it’s finished. I just think it’s a good way to listen to music.

I have a whole selection of meters and visualisations prominently displayed down the bottom. I really like the spectrum analyser, it’s fast and accurate and with the number of bands I have it set to I find myself learning a lot about different mixes by just paying attention to it while I’m listening.