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New Remixes

I’m part of a collective of crazy talented producers called Tape Death and we recently teamed up with Melbourne Hip-Hoppers Down For The Count Records to produce a remix album.

You can download it for free here or grab a hard copy for $10. http://music.dftc.com.au/album/dftc-x-tape-death (Sorry the bandcamp player won’t embed here).

This is my remix ‘Ordinary’, I’m really happy with this one, future hip-hop styles.

I’ve chucked the instrumental to my remix ‘Ordinary’ up on Soundcloud, for those that prefer that sort of thing.

I did a bass heavy remix for Hermitude‘s remix competition, but then fucked up and didn’t submit it in time for the comp. I was happy with how it turned out though and it got a spin on the radio.

Remixes 1 [EP]

A compilation of my remixes from 2011.


It just got announced that I won Icebird’s Charmed Life Remix contest!
Many thanks to RJD2 and Aaron Livingston for putting on the comp. Rockin my shiny new Soudcloud account now!

DS-10 EP: Don’t Play Games With Chemicals [KR041]

Don't Play Games With Chemicals

Download @ Kittenrock

My EP ‘Don’t Play Games With Chemicals’ is this months release on kittenrock.co.uk. It’s composed entirely on the Korg DS-10, mostly while travelling on buses around Cambodia and Laos. I found it really refreshing to work within the limitations of the DS-10 software: 2 mono synths, 4 drum synths, and only 16 patterns of 1 bar each. It means you really get experimental doing things you otherwise wouldn’t; in terms of sound design with a basic synth, and structure when you are so limited in space. The results are some minimal sounding down-tempo tracks, raw out of the Nintendo DS with no post processing.


DS-10 Track on The Secret Mixtape

I’ve got a track featured on the secretmixtape.com this week. It’s off my soon to be released DS-10 EP “Don’t Play Games With Chemicals”. Created entirely on a single DS-10 with no post processing, it’s full of big bold synths, blips, wobbles and the general rawness.

Free Portable Music Studio

Well I was going to have a series of posts to help people build their own “Dirt Cheap Software Studio” but this guy beat me to it. And done a pretty nice job. And I would’ve never got around to it anyway.

Free Portable Music Studio*

Using Reaper with a nice selection of free plugins, this little download contains everything you need in a free software studio, and because Reaper runs off a thumb drive it’s portable!

There’s a few free VST plugins that I would class as must-haves that didn’t make this list, so I’ll follow up with a few blog post + links some time soon.

* Note: Reaper isn’t exactly “free”. The evaluation version is uncrippled, and unexpiring, but after 30 days you should buy a license, which as I have mentioned before is dirt cheap! You’ll no doubt want to support the development of such a great piece of software, fork out the cash and feel good about yourself.

Dirt Cheap Software Studio

If you want to make great sounding music on your computer, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars. Infact you don’t have to spend anything at all. All the tools you need are available for free (or dirt cheap) on the internet. All the software I use to produce music is either free, or very affordable.

This post will be the first in a series where I present some of the great free (or dirt cheap) tools I’ve stumbled across in my travels, with the hope that it can help some people who are starting out and also promote the fantastic work of some independent software developers. It will focus on VSTs that I consider to be exceptional; the free plugins so good that I use them in nearly every project. But to host these VSTs you are going to need a DAW, and for value for money you can’t go past Reaper.

Mastering my live EP

Reaper is awesome. Whether you’re just starting out and wondering which DAW to drop your money on, or if you’ve been using Cubase/Logic/whatever for years, Reaper is worth a try. I think Reaper actually suffers because its so good; no one believes that a program that’s a 4mb download with $60 license fee can be as good as a hundreds of dollars program that comes on 7 DVDs. But the truth is, its better. It is uncrippled and unexpiring, so you can try it out for as long as you want until you realise how good it is and decide to support the developer with your $60.

For me, the work flow is its strong point. Watch to time stretch? Just hold tab and drag it. Fade in/out? grab it, drag it. Accurately find transients? Just press tab, then ‘s’ for slice, drag drop loop, beautiful. You can mix file types, differing bit-rates etc. all within the one project without converting. Tabbed projects! Copy and paste whole FX chains between tracks, or projects just with “ctrl + c”. Undo anything and everything, VST parameter changes, inserts send. Unlimited routing possibilites, route any track to any other track, sends to any track etc. Everything is customisable so tailor it to your needs. The list goes on and on, that’s just some stuff I can think of off the top of my head. I swapped from my cracked copy of Cubase SX3 in for Reaper about 3 years ago and have never looked back. Its easy to learn, but after all this time I’m still finding new features and shortcuts.

If you’re still not convinced: the developer updates it regularly, its light on resources, can run off a thumb drive, heaps of great inbuilt FX, runs on OSX and Windows, can run on Linux (with a little effort)… Just download it and give it a go.

Live Wiimote to MS2000, MPC and Djembe

This is a clip of the last track I played at the Newcastle Uni Band Comp, using a Wiimote to control my Korg MS2000’s filter cutoff. People really seem to dig it.

Wiimotes talk Bluetooth, so hooking them up to your PC is easy. And to make it even easier there is this awesome scripting program called Glove Pie, which allows you to map the various wiimote parameters to nearly anything, including MIDI. Glove Pie, craziest software license I’ve ever seen. Not exactly ‘open’.

Here’s the patch if anyone is interested. There’s not much to it but it should help people who are just getting started. Get at me if you have any questions, i’m happy to post up a tutorial if anyone is interested.


All sounds from MS2000 and MPC1000. Bit of Djembe chucked in, half of it accidentally muted but got the better bit. Check my vids on youtube and other music www.megatroid.com for links.