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The Sound Of The Sky – Sound Design with Photosounder

I’ve been interested of the idea of using ‘natural’ noise in place of white noise for synthesis, for example using field recordings of the ocean/wind/rain, tape hiss etc. So I was just thinking about using Photosounder and pictures of the night sky to produce some sort of semi-random noise. Then I found this picture and it’s much more interesting, it’s of ‘stars and passing aircraft’, with ‘1 hour exposure at f/5.6 taken later that night. The Milky Way is rising over the mountains.’

After a bit of tweaking I really like how this turned out, it makes a perfect riser, and much more interesting than a white noise build up!

A Quick Generative Experiment

Here is an experiment I did using the SKTCH application for the iPhone, and Photosounder. Just a cool little exercise in sound design.

SKTCH is a generative drawing program for the iPhone, it’s damn fun to muck around with, you draw in shapes and mess with the preset algorithms and colours it has. Photosounder is a program that allows you to turn images into sound, or turn sound into images, edit them, and turn them back into sound.  The thing I find interesting about these programs is that the output is largely out of your control, you are just there to provide some input.

I created the images using SKTCH just playing around one night with some colours and shapes I liked. I later had the the thought that it would be cool to load these up in Photosounder that I’d recently bought, and take it for a test run. It was a fun little psuedo-generative experiment, and the results are noisy, eerie, chaotic. I set a time resolution in Photosounder, and then adjusted with frequency scale differently for each image, so some sounds have a narrower frequency range than is focused in the lower frequenices (200-500Hz) and some have a larger range (80-4000Hz).

In summary, these sounds were generated by these pictures. They are CC licensed, so feel free to download and use them however you wish!